Earth Resistance Testing

Why do we need a good, low resistance earth circuit?

To ensure protection of personnel and equipment from danger associated with fault currents and lightning.

What is the life of an earth circuit?

In theory, the answer is “eternal”. Buried in the ground during the early stages of construction, the earthing circuit is generally forgotten. It is important that the earthing circuit maintains the same current carrying capacity throughout its life as the day it was installed.

What are factors that can cause deterioration of an earth circuit?

  • Natural corrosion caused by chemicals in the ground.
  • Damage by earth moving equipment
  • Fault currents (short circuit, lightning, etc.) can damage earth circuits, particularly near connections where resistance losses can cause heating.

ESE can investigate, measure and confirm the condition of an earth system using an earth/ground tester that can measure earth/ground resistance of all types of earth systems, without disconnecting ground under test.

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